InTech Partners

Internet & Software Design
Helpline for Computers in Business

Telephone & Fax +44 (0) 1873 853549

Abergavenny Monmouthshire, NP7 7AU

InTech Partners are a small group of Department of Trade & Industry accredited ICT advisers (Information & Communications Technology), with the main aim to assist small / medium sized businesses get the most out of computer technology. We develop software and Internet applications, sort out configuration problems, develop web sites, assist in creating communications links. Helping companies use ICT in order to do more productive work with less effort, may also help in their marketing. For example, the skilled use of the Internet can provide a rich source of marketing intelligence.

We would be very pleased to look at any aspect of the use of computers in your business:

An initial visit to understand your requirements is normally free of charge.

We ran a similar consultancy scheme under the Welsh Development Agency, sme-Business initiative.

We do not try to push any particular computer hardware or software into your business, but from understanding the business we find an ICT strategy that will bring improved productivity.

We can then offer to implement the strategy which will cost less to implement than the long term gain from the improved productivity.

The types of project that we are likely to be involved in are:

Evaluation of new hardware items or software packages.

Creating bespoke software to make a tedious job easier.

Customising or configuring a proprietary software application for your needs.

Training in use of business applications.

Designing a company web site we offer limited free web space for qualifying companies.

This page last updated: 02/2005